Hi, my name is Jesse J. Jones, and I am a full-time animator, artist, and instructor!

     I have been an animator and a drawer for as long as I can remember, always having a sketchbook or scrap paper nearby to doodle with. I started by making flip-books with my Mom’s business cards, and now I am a full-time professional animator working for studios like Netflix Animation, SpindleHorse, and LAIKA, as well as officially teaching courses for my favorite animation program: Toon Boom Harmony!

It’s been an incredible journey, to say the least.

     I now run a successful YouTube channel and Twitch stream with over 150k+ subscribers where I teach how to animate, focusing on beginners. It is my goal to inspire anyone to start animating and drawing to tell their stories in a fun and engaging way. I also stream my animation process on Twitch where people can ask me questions live!

Animated Jesse with Cat

Thank you for visiting!